Amador Flyfishers has had a long working relationship with Upcountry Web Services, through multiple changes in both site design and functionality.  Upcountry Web Services has met all of our needs in the design,  functionality and tools upgrade of our websites and provided a reliable hosting platform for the Amador Flyfishers websites, all at an affordable price.

Dustin at Upcountry Web Services did a great job redesigning our website, adding significant new functionality in the process. We continue to use Dustin as our 'virtual' webmaster for ongoing maintenance and web hosting.

We have been using Upcountry Web Services for about three years and have been completely satisfied with their service. They created our web-site in response to our design requests. They host the site on their servers and they provide continuing technical support. Upcountry has interests which parallel our own and provide a basis for successful operation.
Our site runs on Joomla 3.4. It provides extensive capabilities that we do not fully utilize. The program is complex in design and operation although a reasonably competent computer user can master the editing. Changes in design beyond some simple choices require html capability which we get from Upcountry.
Upcountry provided substantial technical support and training over a period of 3-6 months in establishing our site. Today we can operate for many months without requiring assistance.
We have had minimal problems with using the Upcountry server. Outages have been non-existent. Response times are adequate.
Our service from Upcountry is purchased on a yearly basis at acceptable and reasonable rates. There are no added charges for support unless we desire a design change or major program update.

I am so pleased with Dustin's work. I went into this not knowing anything about web design and was guided through with patience and expert advice. I now have a website that I am very proud of. Thank you Upcountry for all your help.