Site Maintenance Plan

Website Maintenance Plan

Are you tired of trying to maintain your Joomla! website, constantly keeping up with the latest security updates?  Have you learned the hard way that you need to backup your site on a regular basis?  Our site maintenance plan takes care of these for you.  

  • No more tedious hours spent backing up and downloading your site, we will backup your site and store the backup in a secure storage location in the cloud.
  • No more worrying about updates to each component, module and plugin, we take care of the updates for you (where applicable).
  • Our Site Maintenance Plan also includes security monitoring to give you even more peace of mind, allowing you to sleep easier at night.
  • Continuous uptime monitoring will alert you if there is a problem with your site

The Site Maintenance Plan has a setup fee of $29 and costs $10 a month or $114 per year, cheap insurance to secure your website.

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